A downloadable game for Windows

Project Arx is a combat platformer.

This is the most up to date playable level containing some of the basic platformer and combat mechanics.

The game is still under development, our vision is to create a fun platformer with variety of combat and characters to interact to give more life to the world and tasks to solve.

The level finishes at a door in the far right side, you can't go in it in this demo.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run calmsand.exe

Keyboard and mouse controls:

A and D - Move

S - Duck

Space bar - Jump

Left alt - Roll

Left mouse button - Attack (press multiple times for combos)

S + Left mouse button (in air) - Slash attack

Left mouse button (in air) - Air attack

Xbox controls:

Left analog stick left and right directions - Move

Left analog stick down direction - Duck

A - Jump

B - Roll

X - Attack (press multiple times for combos)

Left analog stick down direction + X (in air) - Slash attack

X (in air) - Air attack


Calmsand.zip 34 MB


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Because the Duck+Jump to roll, I can't configure the commands as I'd like.

My suggestion:

LClick = Attack / Aim (hold down)

RClick / Space = Roll

W = Jump

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback!

We are planning to change the controls a bit, making roll on a single button

This is just a small demo so it only contains one level, but future weapons will have more styles that require 2 buttons to use (left and right mouse), but we want to allow players to make the configurations the way they want, of course!